Terence McKenna Archives – Random Item #24 – A Buzz Perfect Enough to Make Terence McKenna Proud

I’m back today with two short posts from newspaper references to Terence McKenna a decade apart. The first is from the Los Angeles Times, July 24, 2003 (three years after his death) and is largely unrelated to Terence, but he gets mentioned in a way gives some minor insight into his public perception. While it’s not always immediately clear what their use value might be, I find these little snippets an interesting insight into the wider reception of Terence and his work, a good way to see where people might have come across him, and sometimes even lead to valuable leads that produce fruit down the line.

In this case, the article is a profile of author Donnell Alexander and his, then, recently-released memoir, Ghetto Celebrity (Donnell also co-produced that audio narration to this well-shared short animation about baseball pitcher Doc Ellis’ LSD-saturated no-hitter). Near the end of the piece, Times writer Susan Carpenter refers to a regular series of events hosted by Alexander:

The author regularly hosts what he calls “Wet Daddy” events, which bring together the “best of young writers alongside the energy of live performance” with the goal of producing “a buzz perfect enough to make even Terence McKenna proud.”

You can find the full article on the Los Angeles Times website, here.


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