Launching the New Terence McKenna Bibliography!

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of the Terence McKenna Bibliography!

Terence McKenna Archives 2 from Ken Adams / Dank Mesa on Vimeo.

Librarian Chris Mays spent over a decade (2000-2013) compiling the largest extant bibliographic catalog of references to material by and about Terence McKenna. It is an astonishing resource for assisting McKenna research. The existence of the Terence McKenna Archives (and the scope of its contents) owes a great debt to the existence of Chris’ expertly compiled database. Chris has since retired, both as a librarian and from maintaining and updating the bibliography. Having worked closely with Chris for many years (particularly helping him update the music portion of the bibliography), and Chris having seen the care with which I have developed the archives, he was kind enough to entrust the care of the bibliography to me. It has taken quite a lot of effort to import all of the old html files and re-format them for this WordPress site, and I’ve already begun to update it, having added nearly 100 entries above and beyond what already existed in Chris’ last version….and with plenty more that still needs to be cataloged (mostly in the “Books and Articles About” section). And, so now it is time to make it available to everyone!

After having been absent a home on the web for many years, the bibliography will be permanently accessible via the main menu at the top of every page of the Terence McKenna Archives website. It will take some time to get all of the hyperlinks re-established (especially in the indexes), as each needs to be reconfigured individually. But, this unparalleled resource should now be fully available to access for public benefit.

You can use this link (or just click “Terence McKenna Bibliography” on the menu at the top of the page):










Of course, I will need all of your help to be sure that I’m keeping the bibliography updated with the most recent (and the most complete) information possible. While I always have my eyes and ears attuned to new-to-the-bibliography content, and have plenty on the back burner to fill in gaps in the existing catalogs, I can’t be aware of everything and very much welcome tips and pointers for identifying new entries to add to the bibliography. If you come across a book, an article, a podcast, a video, a film, a comic book, an artwork, a meme, anything that makes reference to Terence McKenna, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Over time, I will be creating categories in the bibliography for media not currently represented.

Alternately, if you are yourself an author, musician, artist, etc. and would like to see your Terence McKenna-related content represented in the Terence McKenna Bibliography, please let me know and I will add your content. Even better if you are able to send me a copy of your work to include in the archive itself. Your work will be preserved for posterity along with the rest of the archival holdings.

And, keep an eye out for more forthcoming archives content in the coming weeks and months! There will be more announcements, historical blog posts, archival holding spotlights, and other content forthcoming…