Terence McKenna Archives – Random Item #9 – Tom Robbins & Terence McKenna

In another article by George Myers Jr., the staff book critic for the Columbus Dispatch newspaper of Ohio [we met Myers in an earlier blog post when he praised Timothy Ely’s Flight Into Egypt but characterized Terence as “gassy”], we learn what many who follow Terence’s life will have known: Tom Robbins reads Terence McKenna. Myers reviews a new book by Kevin Kelly who began a project as an English major at San Diego State University to find out which books most inspired an array of influential Americans. Among that list was author Tom Robbins…and among Robbins’ list of books which were influential on him is Terence McKenna’s Food of the Gods, along with some other appropriate titles–Robbins is the only person mentioned who lists one of his own books as an influence on himself. Of course, Robbins also wrote the introduction for The Archaic Revival. Woody Harrelson’s list is also interesting.


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