Terence McKenna Archives – Random Item #4 – Digital Dreams…’Strange Attractor’ Review

Today’s random item from the McKenna Archives is an item that I don’t actually have in a hard copy. It is a review of the film Strange Attractor, produced by the media duo Rose X, who also did the visuals and produced the film for Terence’s Alien Dreamtime performance (Ken Adams, of Rose X, also more recently put out a film called Imaginatrix: The Terence McKenna Experience that you’ll also want to check out). I only have the digital content–not even scans of the actual newspaper, just the text. So, on the very off anyone has access to a copy of the Austin American-Statesman from May 9, 1996 (Section: XL Ent, Page 22), it would be great to add scans or an actual copy of the newspaper (page) to the archive, though for something like this, I typically wouldn’t expect that and am happy to at least have the text represented in the archive. The review is written by Harley Jebens and is titled, ‘It’s a Dream, It’s a Game, It’s a Film, It’s …`Strange Attractor’, a Psychedelic Web Experience Unlike Any Other. It’s an excellent and very comprehensive review and includes interviews with Ken Adams and Britt Welin as well as getting into technical detail about the process of creating the project, the inspiration and philosophical background, and where it fits into a larger scope of projects. It provides a lot of context for a multi-pronged multimedia effort that most McKenna enthusiasts will now only interact with as a video on YouTube or as a DVD. Unlike Alien Dreamtime, though, Terence McKenna is not a main feature of Strange Attractor, though he does make a notable appearance.

Here’s Harley’s treatment:


Keep your eye out for the blue apples!


‘Blue Apples’ by KevDotCom from Deviant Art: http://kevdotcom.deviantart.com/art/Blue-Apples-81942960

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