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Terence McKenna Bibliography

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Selected Internet Sources

There are thousands of web pages concerning Terence in one way or another. A tiny selection follows, mainly in bibliography format, after two lists.

  • Anon (2004) Terence McKenna — Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A brief profile and biography of McKenna, with links to other Wikipedia entries, and other web sites. Posted: Jul 6, 2004. More information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terence_McKenna.

  • Mark Pesce and Terence K. McKenna (2001) TechnoPagans at the End of History. Subtitled: “Virtual Reality, Psychedelics, and the Impeding End of Everything.” A weekend seminar with Terence McKenna and Mark Pesce at Esalen in August 1998. Nine hours of recordings, available with embedded RealAudio player. Posted: Mar 28, 2001. Visited: Mar 29, 2001. More information: http://www.hyperreal.org/~mpesce/technopagans.html.

  • Cover Erin Sullivan (2000) Terence McKenna: Modern Shaman. An astrological précis of McKenna’s life and work, including his natal chart. Posted: Jun 25, 2000. Visited: Jun 11, 2003. More information: http://www.stariq.com/pagetemplate/article.asp?PageID=1038.


  • NeuroNaut (2000) Alchemical Illuminatus. Visited: Jun 13, 2001.


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