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Miscellanea, including bootleg items

  • Terence K McKenna (2008) Terence McKenna: Video mixed psychedelic Of intelligent machines [bootleg]. Bootleg VCD of Alien Dreamtime (2003). One disc. Found on ebay.


  • Derek Swannson (2007) Crash Gordon and the Mysteries of Kingsburg. Three Graces Press, New York City. ISBN: 0615154166. McKenna’s theory of the extraterrestrial origin of the psilocybin mushroom is bandied in this “paranoid comedy.”.  LibraryThing.



  • Anon (2007) TimeWave Zero + Hallucinogens & culture [bootleg]. Bootleg DVD comprising the SoundPhotosynthesis video Time wave zero (1995) and part one of A magical journey: Including Hallucinogens and culture, Time and the I Ching, and The human future (1988). One disc. Found on ebay.

  • Marko A Rodriguez (2006) A methodology for studying various interpretations of the n,n-dimethyltryptamine-induced alternate reality. Journal of Scientific Exploration Vol: 20 no. 1 ISSN: 0892-3310. pp. 67-84; More information: http://www.soe.ucsc.edu/~okram/papers/paralleldmt.pdf. McKenna and his ethnopharmacologist brother Dennis are both cited. From the abstract: “[The] article provides a methodology for studying the nature of the DMT-induced alternate reality by means of various simple information theory experiments. These experiments can be used to test which of the presented interpretations of the DMT-induced alternate reality appears most plausible.”.

  • Terence K McKenna (2006) Psychedelics Before and After History [bootleg]. Bootleg DVD transfer of Psychedelics Before and After History (1987). One disc. Found on eBay.




  • Terence K McKenna (2005) The Taxonomy of Illusion [bootleg]. Bootleg Video Compact Disc of the Sound Photosynthesis video The Taxonomy of Illusion (1993) One disc. Found on ebay.


  • Anon (2005) Terence McKenna compilation [bootleg]. Bootleg Audio CD with selections from Search for the original tree of knowledge (2001), Scenario for a psychedelic society (1986), The syntax of psychedelic time (1983) and others. One disc. Found on ebay.

  • Anon (2005) Terence McKenna video experiment vol. 2 [bootleg]. Bootleg Video Compact Disc with three segments: the RoseX video Experiment at Petaluma, one segment from the Thinking Allowed video A magical journey (1988) entitled “Time and the I Ching,” and a video of a talk at a rave in Sydney in 1997 labeled Terrance McKenna / random cuts / manning bar: sydney uni / march 1997. One disc. Found on ebay.

  • Anon (2005) Terence McKenna: Hallucinogens and culture, The human future [bootleg]. Bootleg Video Compact Disc of part of the Thinking Allowed video A magical journey (1988), including two of three segments: “Hallucinogens and culture,”and “The human future.” One disc. Found on ebay.

  • Anon (2005) Terence McKenna video experiment vol. 1 [bootleg]. Bootleg Video Compact Disc of the Sound Photosynthesis videos The psychedelic society (1987) and Time wave zero (1995). One disc. Found on ebay.


  • Eric Paul Cunningham (2004) McKenna, Terence. In Holy people of the world: A cross-cultural encyclopedia Editor: Phyllis G. Jestice. ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara CA. 999 pages; ISBN: 1576073556. A biographical and philosophical précis. From p. 567, Volume 2: “An American ethnobotanist, writer, lecturer and psychedlic researcher, Terence McKenna is a good example of an American holy person of New Age sprituality.”.  LibraryThing.

  • Mark Pesce and Will Richter (2003, May 23) True hallucinations: The Life and Death of Terence McKenna. An opera. Premiere of three songs at Mind States IV, Berkeley, CA. Recording previously available as a conference MP3 CD from Mind States Media, 20:45. Songs: Strophariad, Radiance & The Incident. More information: http://www.playfulworld.com/true/ .

  • Anon (2003) The Trip: Journey to The Center of Terence McKenna’s Inner Self. DueNow.com, Edmonton Alberta. A 363 word “high-quality paper” from an academic paper mill in Canada. Found through Froogle.com. More information: media/14219.rtf LibraryThing.

  • James Koehnline (2002) Autonomedia 2003 Jubilee Saints Wall Calendar: Radical Heroes for the New Millennium. Autonomedia, Williamsburg NY. McKenna appears on April 3; ISBN: 1570271259.

  • Hank Wesselman (2001) Visionseeker: Shared Wisdom from the Place of Refuge. Hay House, Inc, Carlsbad CA. 300 pages; ISBN: 1561707538. Wesselman recounts a remote healing ceremony he performed for McKenna at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Sacramento, CA (pp. 271-2).  LibraryThing.


  • James Koehnline (2001) Autonomedia 2002 Jubilee Saints Wall Calendar: Radical Heroes for the New Millennium. Autonomedia, Williamsburg NY. McKenna appears on April 3; ISBN: 1570271259.

  • James Koehnline (2000) Autonomedia 2001 Jubilee Saints Wall Calendar: Radical Heroes for the New Millennium. Autonomedia, Williamsburg NY. McKenna appears on April 3; ISBN: 1570271062.

  • Cover Jim DeKorne, David Aardvark and K. Trout (2000) Ayahuasca Analogs and Plant-Based Tryptamines: The best of The Entheogen Review 1992-1999. 2nd ed. ER Monograph Series 1, The Entheogen Review, Sacramento CA. 240 pages; This collection of essays from The Entheogen Review is dedicated to McKenna, and contains a poem “For Terence” by the visionary artist Alex Grey.  LibraryThing.


  • Ian Winn (1999) Techno-Pagan Octopus Messiah. I.M.P. Fiction, London. 287 pages; ISBN: 0953327515.  LibraryThing.




  • Rudy Rucker (1999) Seek! Selected Nonfiction. Four Walls Eight Windows, New York City. 356 pages; ISBN: 1568581386. Amusing description of McKenna, with biographical trivia, on p. 242.  LibraryThing.



  • Cover Grant Morrison (1999) The girl most likely to. In The Invisibles: Counting to none DC Comics, New York City. 224 pages; ISBN: 1563894890. The Invisibles universe is headed toward the Apocalypse on December 22, 2012. McKenna is mentioned by name in Invisibles 2:6 (July 1997).  LibraryThing.


  • Steven Cerio (1998) Steven Cerio’s ABC book: A drug primer. Gates of Heck Inc., New York City. 64 pages; ISBN: 1889539074. McKenna is mentioned in “D”; D / is for DMT trips by design, / Visit fantastic worlds without leaving your mind. / And don’t be alarmed if the pixies torment you, / Just tell them that Terence McKenna has sent you! More information: http://www.seagull.net/gates/cerio/gallery.html LibraryThing.

  • Art Bell (1998) Terence McKenna: Art Bell ‘98 [bootleg]. Bootleg of the Chancellor Broadcasting Company audiotapes: “Coast to Coast AM” w/ Art Bell (1997 & 1998). Two discs. Found on ebay. More information: http://mckenna.psychedelic-library.org/ .



  • Patrick Dijuju (1996) Travels with Marvin: Swashbuckling around the world with Marvin Minsky. In How to mutate and take over the world Editor: R. U. (Ken Goffman) Sirius and Jude St. Ballantine Books, New York. 221-225 (of 305) pages; ISBN: 0345392167. Dijuju’s story fragment places him in an Amazon jungle plane crash with Marvin Minsky and McKenna. Unfriendly natives, noting a resemblance between Minsky and their god Xochipilli, elect to sacrifice McKenna on a stone altar. More information at: http://www.scrappi.com/deceit/htmatowo/htmatowo.html LibraryThing.

  • Steve Taylor (1995) Editorial. The Unlimited Dream Company no. 5 pp. 2; Taylor explains that the inspiration for changing the name of The Unlimited Dream Company zine (named after a novel by J. G. Ballard) to TOWARDS 2012: the Journal of Millennial Mutation was McKenna and brother Dennis’ experiment at La Chorrera (recounted in True hallucinations).


  • Mitchell Porter (1993) Peter Meyer. Series: INTERZINE. Issue no. 2 (and apparently final) of a text-only web/email zine. Profiles Peter Meyer, “best known as the developer of the MS-DOS software _Timewave Zero_, which demonstrates Terence McKenna’s fractal model of time and history”. More information: http://www.textfiles.com/magazines/INTERZINE/interzine.02.

  • Terence K. McKenna (1993) True hallucinations [bootleg]. Bootleg of the SoundPhotosynthesis audio tape: True hallucinations book debut (1993). One disc. Found on ebay. More information: tmbib.f.shtml#McKenna-1993n .



  • Miguelito Lasky (1977) Experiment at La Chorera as told by “Dave”. Sound Photosynthesis, Mill Valley CA. Miguelito Lasky: Dave, of True hallucinations (1993). Recorded casually in South America in 1977. McKenna orginally marketed this tape as part of his Lux Natura mail order business.

  • Terence K. McKenna (none) Vision plants [bootleg]. Bootleg of the Lux Natura audiotape: Vision plants (1988). One disc. Found on ebay. More information: tmbib.f.shtml#McKenna-1988u .


  • Terence K. McKenna (none) Angels, Aliens and Archetypes [bootleg]. Bootleg of a portion of Shamanic Approaches to the UFO, orignally recorded at the Angels, Aliens and Archetypes Symposium, San Francisco CA, 1987. One disc. Found on ebay.

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