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Terence McKenna Bibliography

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  • 2001 (1)

  • Blake Nelson (2001) The 15,000 Year Itch. Mean No. 13, April, p. 54; A posthumous reflection on McKenna’s life and passing. Nelson explores McKenna’s website and interviews friends.



  • Dennis J. McKenna (2001) Terence R.I.P. High Times no. 305 Jan, ISSN: 0310-2165. pp. 8;





  • Alix Sharkey (2000) Obituary: Terence McKenna. Independent Apr 15, p. 7, Foreign Edition.

  • Steve Robles (2000) A shaman worth hearing: In memoriam Terence McKenna, 1946-2000. San Francisco Bay Guardian Vol: 34 no. 30 Apr 26, ISSN: 0036-4096. pp. 35; An obituary (with a number of factual errors) by an “experimental DJ” focussing on McKenna’s relationship to acid house music and the rave phenomenon.

  • Jim Richardson and Allen Richardson (2000) Gonzo Science: In Memoriam; Terrence [sic] McKenna. Ripsaw News Vol: 2 no. 20 Aug 2, pp. 19; More information:

  • Nestor Perala (2000) McKenna didn’t predict the end of the world, exactly. Mushroom: The journal of wild mushrooming Vol: 18 no. 4 Fall #69, ISSN: 0740-8161. pp. 39; Letter to the editor. Perala corrects the impression in Martin’s New York Times obituary (Terence McKenna, 53, Dies, 2000) that McKenna ever stated “the end of the world” would occur on December 22, 2012: “At a weekend workshop which he conducted, I asked him what the world would be like the day after Dec. 22. He said, ‘I have no idea. I can only tell you what my calculations show’”.
  • Don Mills (2000) ‘90s version of Timothy Leary believed drugs were salvation. National Post Vol: 2 no. 143 Apr 10, ISSN: 1486-8008. pp. A16;

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  • Douglas Martin (2000) Terence McKenna, 53, Dies; Patron of Psychedelic Drugs. New York Times Apr 9, p. 40, Sunday, Final Edition. ISSN: 0362-4331.


  • Frazer Clark (2000) Obituary for a prophet unrecognised in his own time. Visited: Apr 10, 2000.
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  • Anon (2000) Obituaries; Terence McKenna; Promoter of Psychedelic Drug Use. Los Angeles Times Apr 7, p. B6, Illustrator: Photo credit: San Francisco Chronicle © 1994. ISSN: 0458-3035. This obituary quotes Greatful Dead leader Jerry Garcia: “[He’s] the only person who’s made a serious effort to objectify the psychedelic experience—and done a good job of it.“.

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  • David Aardvark (2000) Reflecting…. Entheogen Review Vol: 9 no. 3 Winter, ISSN: 1066-1913. pp. 121; Review of Dec. 15, 2000 Countdown to 2012 benefit for McKenna at 7th Note Showclub in San Francisco.

  • David Aardvark (2000) Saying Good-bye… (a farewell to Terence McKenna). Entheogen Review Vol: 9 no. 1 Spring/Summer, ISSN: 1066-1913. pp. 1;

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