H) Unpublished Writings and Talks

Terence McKenna Bibliography

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Unpublished Writings and Talks

  • Terence K. McKenna (1998) Afterword. In The road to Eleusis: Unveiling the secret of the mysteries Editor: Robert Forte. 20th anniversary ed. William Dailey Rare Books Ltd, Los Angeles. 148 pages; ISBN: 091514820X. This 1000-word essay was composed for the 20th anniversary edition of The Road to Eleusis, but was objected to by one of the contributors, who evidently didn’t care for its denunciatory tone. “[T]he day before [the destruction of Eleusis] was the last sane moment that Western man was to know for nearly 1500 years.” (The essay was not included in the 30th anniversary paperback edition). LT LibraryThing.

  • Terence K. McKenna and Phillipe De Vosjoli (1995) Psilocybin and Human Origins: Casting Nets Into the Sea of Mind. “Book project: Psilocybin and Human Origins w/Phillipe de Vosjoli. An effort to nail down at last the sequence of events that brought consciousness to flower in our species. Status. Underway mid ’95”. More information: http://www.levity.com/eschaton/tmarticlescds.html.

  • Terence K. McKenna and Lewis John Carlino (none) Screenplay of Greg Bear’s Blood Music. LT LibraryThing.[In original bibliography but nconfirmed by KW–Greg Bear told me he wasn’t aware of any TM participation in this]



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